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We are proud to present our best product: a personalized and tailored suit for motorcyclists, made from the highest quality kangaroo leather. This exceptional suit combines performance, style and exclusivity to give you an unrivaled riding experience.

The kangaroo leather used in this suit is known for its strength and lightness, giving you superior protection without compromising the comfort and flexibility needed to maneuver on the motorcycle. This leather is thinner and stronger than other materials, giving you greater sensitivity and control while driving.

It fits perfectly to your body thanks to its tailored construction. Our experts will work with you to take your exact measurements and ensure the suit fits your figure impeccably. The tight, precise fit reduces wind resistance and improves your performance on the bike.

Safety is our top priority, and this suit is no exception. It is equipped with high quality protections in critical areas such as shoulders, elbows and knees, providing exceptional protection in case of falls or impacts. These protections are designed to absorb impacts and minimize the risk of injury.

In addition to protection, we have paid attention to comfort in every detail of this suit. It features a breathable inner lining that helps regulate body temperature and keeps you feeling cool and comfortable during the longest rides.

*The design is not included in the price.

* Download our Brand Manual *

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